Taiwan B&B—-Great Minshu experience in Fu Yam @ LaLa Shan

Can not agreed more with all the reviews on this resort in Tripadvisor .. anyway, my version ..

Great stay and home stay experience in FuYam. Very good service and hospitality provided by Chung senior and Ah Khui (Mr Wu). Resort located in the valley surrounded by a lot of green. Though it took about 2.5 hrs to the resort from TaoYuan airport, it worth the travel . Along the way , you can stop over to enjoy some titbits , and enjoy the scenery. Must have a stop over in Da-Si old town. Tried their bean curd (not the smelly one) , Yam rice and the peanut candy .

Go to their website and select the choice of your room. All are nicely done ( wish the bed be softer though ).

Dinner, lunches and breakfast were great .. cooked by Mrs Chung and Ah Khui. Simple Hakka cookings , yet delicious . We finished almost every meals .. clean plate club ! If you see or have carving for certain food , you can also suggest and they might be able to cook for you.

Activities wise .. for a more relaxing stay .. do plan for 3D/2N in Lala Shan. What we did on this trip ..
1) Visited LaLa Shan forest reserved … close encounter with 2000+ yrs old tree
2) Visited Fish Farm
3) Fishing @ LaLa Stream
4) Visited Peach Farm. Fu Yam has a few fruits tree too.
5) Exploring nearby area by foot .. look for Bugs , Butterfly and frogs

My recommendation (for foreigner only) if you planning to try out this place ..
1) Maximize your experience .. stay during local off peak season.
2) Bring some of your local delicacy or cooked food stuff or beverage .. for sharing in dinner time. it would be good to bring along stuff like the ready make packet, Bak-Kut-Teh, Curry Fish Head , dry meat, etc .. or maybe you should cook a dish ..
3) Bring torch light and mosquito repellent .. for wondering @ night
4) Expect good socializing .. mingle with the rest of the guest .. most are friendly
5) If you staying in a few places in Taiwan, they can arrange the trip for you .. for instance, you might want to try Yilan, TaiChung, PengHu, etc .

Lastly, Senior Chung is a very warm and chatty person .. in his best mood, you can sample his liquor collection .. rice wine, red wine, etc .. Hope you have a good trip

From our guest comment


About Fuyam tourist home

Fuyam Tourist Home is located at the origin of honey peach, La La Mountain, in Fu Xing Township, Tao Yuan County. Besides honey peach, La La Mountain is also famous for its wondrous forest with thousand years old woods. We sincerely invite you to the mountain to enjoy its serene beauty and peace. On the way to Fuyam Tourist Home, you may also stop by some of the hot spots in Tao Yuan County such as Da Xi Old Street, Ci Hu Presidential Burial Place, Shih Men Reservoir and Xiao Wu Lai Sky walk. Situated at an altitude of 850 meters and set against a magnificent mountainous skyline with clear flowing streams, Fuyam Tourist Home offers an amazing surrounding for you to spend your holiday at a leisurely pace. Fu Yam includes three wooden houses, a garden with beautiful fauna and floral and a small therapeutic pond. You are very welcome to lounge by the tea house with a cup of coffee or high mountain oolong tea in hand as time passes by slowly. And at moonlight, a surreal feel will encompass you as the sky transforms into a stunning picture of a starry starry night. If you want an escape from the city and enjoy a tranquil vacation in the mountain, Fu Yam Tourist Home would be your best choice. For your convenience, we also provide the travel package with round trip to Taoyuan airport, Taoyuan HSR station or Taipei. We will take care of everything. You just need to let go, relax and enjoy this beautiful journey with anticipation. If you need more information about the package you could check on our website: http://www.fu-yam.com or email to us directly fuyam@mail2000.com.tw
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